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Custom T-Stand Bunting that make your ads go further

We have made the choices absolutely up to you for your advertisements to turn heads.  You can think big and make the most of it. With this affordable yet less space-taking stand, T-stand buntings are great for both indoor and less windy condition’s outdoor usage with the support of an add on waterbag.

– Create meaningful design for your shop that can attracts customer to your shop

– Always include attention-grabbing photos or images that sell your messages instantly

– Using shout out loud headlines – a few seconds is what it takes to get hold of your prospects attention

– Always include your social contact info with bold & big fonts to reach out to your prospects


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Getting your ads noticed by making impressions from custom T-stand buntings

Boost your ads visibility using buntings that can easily catch the eyes of the passerby, especially around high traffic, busy streets or event venues.  These apply for every setting – be it in store-promotion, conferences, or any events.

We have various types of buntings with its respective stands for you to choose i.e. X-Stand, T-Stand or Roll-Up bunting. If you need just a most affordable buntings for a quick event or promo, then T-stand is affordable yet will take up less space than the X-Stand. This T-stand is also easy to set up and dismantle however it suits for indoor, less windy environments only.  If it is to be used outdoor and still have a wall backing at behind the T-stand, then you may opt to add-on a waterbag to keep it in placed.  So, just choose whichever specs that best fit to show off and made-to-last on your campaign.

Bunting Size (inches)

24 x 60, 24 x 72, 30 x 60, 30 x 72

Inkjet Lamination

Gloss Laminattion, Matte Lamination, None

Inkjet Material

Synthetic Paper, Tarpaulin


Tri-pod Stand, Round Base Stand

T-Stand Bunting

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